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         I first fell in love with all things taboo or scary from an early age.  Even as young as the age of five the annual celebration of Halloween certainly helped cement the allure of the macabre with its promise of free candy in exchange for donning a mask, and pretending to be a monster.  Or perhaps it was the alien abduction documentaries that I saw in 7th grade, which soon brought about glorious insomnia, that eventually developed this morbid fascination.
         Since that time I have studied English at the graduate and post-graduate levels.  Some of my favorite courses were in Platonic Philosophy, Jungian Psychology, and Mythology.
         Now I write stories in the Fantasy Horror genre.  I also produce weekly videos telling strange and paranormal tales covering a variety of topics on his YouTube account under the name The Fear Channel.
         In my spare time I like to play vintage RPG, action-adventure, and strategy video games.  Board games are also really cool too.  Puerto Rico is my current favorite.

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