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The Wrath of the Vorite

Life is relatively quiet and well organized it the small suburban town of Ashton.  The children all go to school, and most of the parents have decent paying jobs.  Perhaps life is a little too quiet, and a little too well organized.  Little do the members of the town know that something powerful and ancient has been looming over Ashton for the larger part of a century, hidden away in an old abandoned mansion on the far side of town.  When young Billy Hutchinson is dared to spend a night on the Windsor estate, he soon finds that he has been sent into the heart of a paranormal focal point that has existed undiscovered for generations.  He will soon discover that he is not alone.  Is the ancient evil that dwells within too strong for him to handle, or can he muster up enough courage and powerful keepsake artifacts to survive until the dawn?
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